Call Trace

Call Trace allows you to automatically request a trace of an obscene, threatening or harassing call. After receiving such a call, you simply dial a special code to have the calling party’s phone number recorded at WCTA’s office.

To use Call Trace:
1. Hang up after receiving the annoying call.
2. Press *57, then listen for tone or announcement.

After requesting a Call Trace, you should notify the authorities if you want the call to be investigated further, and they will contact our business office. Please call before the end of the next business day.

a. It is important that you activate Call Trace immediately after the offending call. If you delay taking action and receive a subsequent incoming call, Call Trace will not trace the correct number.
b. If a Call Waiting tone is received during a call that is to be traced, tracing will occur on the Call Waiting call rather than the original calling number.