Lakes Store All

lakes store all 

Rural Park Rapids welcomed Lakes Store All in the summer of 2018. Lakes Store All offers massive storage units with 56 garages in eight sizes. Owners Paul and Katie Johanning are also crop farmers with five children. With such a busy life, they love that they can run the business from home using technology from West Central Telephone.

West Central Telephone created a fiber network from the storage units to their house. A Ring video doorbell notifies the couple when customers arrive at the storage buildings. Paul and Katie also have security measures in place with a robust surveillance system. They said, “Working with West Central Telephone made it easy to get the services that help us run our business with ease.”

The Johannings have built a state-of-the-art facility, and since all the storage units are now full, they hope to expand in the future.

If you’re in need of a place for storage, you can find Lakes Store All at 15670 County 6, Park Rapids or call 218-380-7447. You can also find them on Facebook.

Call West Central Telephone at 218-837-5151 to learn about security, surveillance, internet and other technology solutions for your business.