Hub 71

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Hub 71 is a full-service, family restaurant located at 3 US Hwy 71 South in Sebeka. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with daily features. The majority of their food is made from scratch, with signature items like “The 71,” the “Highway 8 Burger” and “Salted Caramel Apple Pie” as crowd favorites. They proudly serve Cedar Crest Ice Cream, which is made in Wisconsin and described as “pure frozen joy.”

Inside you’ll find a spacious and inviting environment with antiques and local oddities on display—many on loan from customers—as well Mac’s Room, which is a separate area that can be reserved for up to 60 people. What really sets Hub 71 apart from other mom-and-pop restaurants is the way they incorporated technology into their business. This includes free Wi-Fi, convenient charging ports at every table, and servers who take orders on iPads and relay that information wirelessly through the POS system directly to the kitchen.

Hub 71 is owned by Jeff and Shannon Lausten, but it’s really Shannon’s baby. When asked why she built the restaurant, Shannon replied, “I had a dream of owning a restaurant, and when Sebeka’s last sit-down café closed their doors for good, it was easy to see myself fulfilling my dream while providing Sebeka with a good, family-style restaurant.”

The electrical wiring was completed by West Central partner, Zenergy, while West Cen-tral installed security cameras, TV, phone, and Internet services with Wi-Fi capabilities. To enjoy a great meal served by friendly people, visit Hub 71 in Sebeka. To order carry out or catering, call 837-CAFÉ (2233).

For more information on ways to use technology in your business, give West Central Telephone a call at 837-5151.