Phishing Scam Targets WCTA's Customers Again

Another Phishing email now titled "INFORMATION" has been reported. This email is not from WCTA, so please delete this message. This email was propagated by a spammer, and upon closer inspection originates from a Google email address.

Please keep in mind that WCTA will never ask you for your email address or password or any other sensitive information, nor will we ask you to download directly from an email, and the only links we ever email you are the ones we provide inside our monthly e-newsletter. If you receive a message from any company, whether it be WCTA, your bank, your electric company or anti-virus provider, etc., that asks you to click on a link, double click on a file, or submit personal information, your best bet is to delete the email and call the company directly, making sure that you use the phone number that appears on your statement and not the one provided in the email.