Official Notice of Annual Meeting of Members

The 70th Annual Meeting of Members of the Association will be held June 22, 2020, with only the board of directors and officers in attendance. 

It is the Board’s plan that member participation in the very brief meeting agenda be limited to necessary approvals by mail. Members will receive mail-in participation materials between June 8th and June 15th. The Association Bylaws state that the Annual Meeting shall be held during April, May or June in each year. There are current restrictions and anticipated limitations on gatherings during the active COVID-19 pandemic which will not allow us to follow our regular meeting format. We are proceeding in this manner to meet the Bylaw’s requirements while also complying with those restrictions. 

The limited Meeting Agenda will be: 

• Open Meeting 
• Approval of the Minutes 
• Review of Election Results 
• Adjournment 

Members will receive information on how to participate via mail. If there are any questions regarding the meeting please contact one of the directors. The director's contact information is as follows: 

President Bruce Kinnunen 837-5420 
Vice President Dave Pulju 472-3330 
Secretary Robert Weaver 564-4844 
Director Dale Schmith 445-5166 
Director Harvey Aho 538-6640