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The area’s best people in tech work with us.

They rival experts statewide and keep our advanced technology and cooperative business systems working for you. Because we place a high-value on our cooperative employees, as we do our members, we invite you to join us in thanking them for their work and dedication.

Jon Loeffen

General Manager-CEO

Travis Floyd

Operations Manager

Joshua Pearson

Project Supervisor

Ethan Puttonen

Plant Supervisor

Joshua Casavan

Combination Technician

Rylan Aho

Combination Technician

Neil Aho

Combination Technician

Travis Hunter

Combination Technician

Tucker Ament

Combination Technician

David Kicker

Install-Repair Tech 2

Bryan Zepper

Install-Repair Tech 2

Nathan Nims

I.T. Supervisor

Stewart Amundson

Network Engineer

Kelly Moench

Networking Technician

Wendy Irons

Business It Support Specialist

Troy Ayers

Networking Technician

Thomas Larson

Mapping Specialist

Jennifer Grewe


Amy Olson

Office Manager

Geri Salmela

Marketing Director

Holly Kern

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Jodi Sjolie

Sales Consultant

Shawna Christie

HR Generalist/Admin Assistant

Valerie Bain

Customer Support Specialist w/Helpdesk

Patty Foley

Customer Support Specialist

Brooke Grewe

Customer Support Specialist

West Central Telephone Association is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Statement of Equal Opportunity