Backup Power Customer Notice

What You Need to Know About Battery Backup
Many of today’s advanced home phone services require backup battery power to continue functioning during an outage. To avoid a disruption of service during an outage — and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services — West Central Telephone provides backup power for your home phones at no extra charge.

What Your Battery Can — and Can’t — Do for You
Our backup batteries allow you to continue to use your home phone services during a power outage. Without a backup battery or alternate backup source such as a generator, you will not be able to make any calls, including emergency calls to 911. The only way to maintain the ability to use your phone is by using some form of backup power. Our backup battery does not provide power to any services other than phone. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices, and other equipment will not run on a home phone backup battery.

Replacement Options
West Central Telephone maintains and routinely replaces battery backup power. Our team will call you to schedule a time to swap out the battery backup power — at no charge to you.

Expected Battery Backup Duration
Our backup batteries are expected to last at least eight hours on standby power. The battery backup should give you six hours of talk time. If you would like a backup battery with a longer standby and talk time, please contact us. We offer batteries with up to 24-hour standby time.

Proper Care and Use of Your Battery
These batteries are rechargeable and have an expected lifespan of two to three years. At this point, we’ll contact you to schedule a time for replacement. If your device begins to beep loudly, it means the battery is depleted and needs to be replaced; please contact our office to arrange replacement. If you have any questions, please call 218-837-5151 or email