Business Conference Calling

Experience the Difference

Have you ever attended a conference call and due to quality and voice delays, things seem chaotic?  When the service is poor meetings don’t function well. And, video calls are great, we love them, but… sometimes voice-only conference meetings will serve your needs better by eliminating visual distractions and the very real ‘Zoom fatigue’.

Try West Central Telephone’s Conference Calling service.

  • No voice delay & eliminate visual distractions
  • Get a recurring dedicated call-in number
  • Use it 24/7, up to 46 people per call
  • Call recording is available

How Much Does It Cost?

With local or toll-free options, your conferences remain affordable for everyone.

  • No per-minute fee for attendees dialing into the local number
  • .30/minute for attendees dialing into the toll-free number
  • .14/minute for out-dials
  • $10 set-up fee and $1/attendee per conference

Conference Bridge Option

Get a business-grade conference bridge speaker and your meetings will be a breeze. Although you can use our conference service with any standard phone, this speaker system is designed for clarity and performance in offices and conference rooms.

Ask us for a quote on the Polycom conference bridge today.

Polycom Conference Bridge

It’s as Simple as 1-2-3

  1. Tell Your Callers
    Give your callers the conference bridge telephone number and participant code, along with the date and time of the call.
  2. Open Your Conference Call
    When it’s time for your call, dial into the conference bridge telephone number and enter your moderator code.
  3. Get the Call Moving
    You’ve got a clear agenda and are ready to run the conference call quickly and efficiently with your group.

That’s it! Save time and money with West Central Telephone’s On- Demand Conference Calling.

Record Calls & Get Everyone Up-to-Speed

Conference Calling from West Central Telephone is a simple, reliable, and efficient way to get everyone on the same page. For those who cannot make the meeting, just send them the recording so they can listen later and get up to speed.

Let’s Start a Conversation

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