Monitoring & Security

For When You’re There & Away

Secure and surveille your business with solutions from West Central Telephone. We’re leading the region, helping to automate processes, and protect businesses assets throughout central Minnesota.

Cameras • Monitor Water • Monitor Temperature
Control Lighting • Remote Locks • Security Systems

Protect your people and assets, we can help!

Helpful Monitoring App

Security and monitoring tools will help you keep an eye on things while you are away from your business, as well as activity while you are there. You can easily control everything from your smartphone.

Protection at your fingertips.

Monitor from Anywhere

Security Cameras

Any business can benefit from monitoring for security but it can be hard to get details like camera placement, camera resolution, recording and video storage, right.

At West Central we know which cameras work, in what situations, and will help you choose the right solutions so you can run your business with ease.

Don’t miss an angle, call WCTA today.

IP Bullet Camera with IR Lighting
& High Resolution Imaging
Programmable Thermostat & Security System

Save Energy & Money

Save energy every time you leave work and arm your alarm system. Our security systems can automatically adjust thermostats and control lighting to help you save money and conserve energy.

Automated settings, automatic savings.

Sensors & Alarms

Our advanced sensors can detect when a window is open or broken, if a door is ajar or if an intruder has entered your business.

They can detect and alert you to water problems or extreme temperatures to prevent damage to your assets. Our outdoor sensors can can monitor parking lots, inventory, garages or sheds—giving you protection everywhere you need it.

Indoor and outdoor sensors everywhere you need them.

Get Notifications on Your App

Access Controls & Sensor Protection

Access controls and sensors give you the ability to remotely manage building entry and be alerted of suspicious movement. Schools, warehouses, lumberyards, business offices, and more benefit.

  • Remote Door & Gate Locks
  • Remote Disarming for Employees
  • Building Access Controls
  • Mobile Alerts & Event Logging
  • Integrate with Security Systems
  • Detect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
  • Window, Door, and Motion Sensors
  • 24/7 Monitoring Service Available

Protect your people and assets today.

Access Control for Schools & Other Buildings

Insurance Savings

Save up to 20% on insurance costs when you subscribe to a 24/7 monitoring service. Talk to your insurer for details.

Automation + Security in One

When you get a security system, you can also get automation to control temperature, lighting, locks and more. Contact us to learn how a Honeywell Lynx Touch control system can protect, automate and connect your business.

One system does it all, call West Central to get yours.

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