Have You Received Your Capital Credit Check?

One of the benefits of joining our cooperative is that each year we’re successful, members are rewarded with cash back in the form of capital credits. Some members move out of the area but forget to give us an updated address, or a member may no longer be living. In either case, the checks are returned to us.

Are you one of the many individuals whose capital credit check has been returned to us due to an outdated address? If you’re a former customer of our cooperative, we may have your money.

Solar Outages May Affect TV

If your TV picture briefly turns snowy or blurry on September 22, the date of the fall equinox, it’s probably from a sun outage. This is a natural phenomenon occurring every spring and fall when the receiving antenna on Earth, the satellite, and the sun are in direct alignment.

Nothing can be done from a technical standpoint to prevent the effects on TV reception. Fortunately, however, the sig-nal degradation caused by a sun outage lasts only about 15 minutes. Contact us if you have questions.

Local Calling Area Expanded

It’s now FREE to call any WCTA landline subscriber, in any community we serve, from any other WCTA landline. This means subscribers can make unlimited calls to any other subscriber within West Central Telephone’s exchanges without incurring a long-distance charge.

The service is included at no extra charge and allows Intra-company calls, or member-to-member calls, for FREE, and you don’t have to change your dialing patterns. For example, a Wolf Lake subscriber calling our Sebeka office previously dialed 1-218-837-5151 which incurred a long-distance charge. Now, with the expanded local calling area, the Wolf Lake subscriber can place that same call by dialing either 1-218-837-5151 or simply 837-5151 without incurring any long-distance charges.*

Please contact us if you have any questions.

*Toll charges will still apply if the number called isn’t a West Central Telephone landline phone subscriber and is a long-distance call.