Residential Phone

Hear Their Voice

A home phone is always there. It provides the comfort of connection to friends and loved ones near and far. It’s reliable and works without any fuss. A home phone means connection in 21st century rural America.

We connect you, one call at a time.

Wireless Home Phone

Families @Home

A home telephone keeps families connected. Easy local calling is always there, with access to emergency services any time of day or night. It’s a perfect solution for families to stay connected to one another.

  • Cooperative Membership
  • 99.9% Reliable
  • Free Local & Online Directory Listing
  • Caller ID Database Listing
  • 911 Location Service
  • Digital Sound Clarity

Get family peace-of-mind with a home phone today.

Caller ID

Included with most bundled telephone and TV service packages, is Caller ID. With a trusted data-base provider, West Central Telephone let’s you know who’s calling, so if you don’t recognize the name or number you can decide how or if to answer.

It’s available with all West Central phone service and included with Duo and Trio phone & TV packages.

Caller ID Included

Screen Pop

You just sat down to watch your favorite show, and the phone rings. No need to wonder who it is. With Screen Pop and your West Central TV service, who’s calling will show up right on your screen.

It’s free with West Central phone & TV services.

Caller ID for TV!

Assistance Programs

The Federal Lifeline discount plan and Minnesota’s Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP), each offer monthly credits to telephone or internet customers that meet the low-income eligibility requirements.

Minnesota Relay

Minnesota Relay is a free telephone service that uses specially trained communications assistants (CAs) to facilitate telephone calls between people with hearing and speech disabilities and other individuals. 

TED Program

The Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program provides free specialized telecom equipment to income eligible Minnesotans who are having trouble using the telephone due to a hearing, speech, or physical disability. 

Need Payment Assistance?

To find out if you qualify for discounts on your internet or telephone bill, see this information on the Federal Lifeline and Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plans.

Long Distance

Connect to friends and family with long distance from West Central Telephone.

• Low rates
• 30 second minimum with 6 second increments
• Local customer service
• One simple bill

It’s available to all cooperative members!

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