Residential Internet

Ultra-fast Internet Connections

Way out here, in rural Minnesota, you get ultra-fast direct-fiber internet service. It’s far better than in big-city communities. Surprising, we know!

Your rural internet connects directly to you over a fiber-optic line. That’s what makes it so special, and way faster than other services.

Anything is possible with fast fiber internet from WCTA!

Manage MyWi-Fi

It’s Wi-Fi With Perks

When it comes to Wi-Fi you want it fast, secure, and with good signal coverage throughout your home. You don’t want the security risks of outdated software or coverage dead spots.

The solution is Manage MyWi-Fi. It’s a monthly service, so there’s no expensive equipment to buy. You get:

  • a FAST Wi-Fi router at your home,
  • no contract
  • technicians place for optimal signal,
  • and automatic security upgrades (woo-hoo!)

Make your life easier. Ask for Manage MyWi-Fi.

As Fast As You Can Go

West Central Telephone provides ultra-fast fiber internet service at affordable prices.

  • Always unlimited use (no extra charges)
  • Unmatched fiber-optic speed & reliability
  • Synchronous up & download speeds
  • Up to 5 free email addresses
  • Free technical support

100/100 Mbps – 250/250 Mbps – 1000/1000 Mbps

Power up all your devices. Get started today!

(That’s 1 Gigabit!)

You Don’t Need This…

Until you really need it. TechHome is protection from computer failures, accidents, and attacks from the web.

The world of computing is more and more complex. Even though no one want’s another service to pay for, sometimes big issues happen. Don’t wait until they do.

  • World-class security – Fully-supported web security and anti-virus protects you against the latest online threats with find, locate, lock and wipe for your phone or tablet.
  • Personal data backup – Sync and back up all of your files, photos, contacts and important information against damage or device failure.
  • Keep personal info private – Cloud-based protection keeps your personal information secure and convenient wherever you are.

Get it today, because after the disaster, it’s too late.

Need Payment Assistance?

To find out if you qualify for discounts on your internet or telephone bill, see this information on the Federal Lifeline and Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plans.

More Helpful Extras

Website Hosting

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Email Storage

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